Carpet/Foam Flooring



Manufactured with closed cell foam technology, this flooring has great shock absorption and resiliency that gymnasts and cheerleaders need for training and competition. Flooring is lightweight and easy to set up and break down. Available in 7 roll pack to create a 42′ x 42′ flooring system, or as individual rolls of 6′ x 42′ to fit your needs.

  • Made from soft but durable 26 oz. needle punch carpet and lightweight crossed-link polyethylene sports foam
  • Each roll includes the flexible rolling system for fast, easy set up and storage
  • Indestructible flame-laminated bond between the carpet and the foam
  • Includes one 4" roll of hook fastener per seam (orders of 2 or more rolls)
  • A full floor consists of 7 rolls 6' x 42' which combine to create a 42' square surface